17-19 July 2014 were exciting days for me. On each of these days, I attended different conferences on different themes with different types of audiences. The only thing in common was that all of these were in Bangalore.

Next Generation Testing was a 2-day conference. Fellow ThoughtWorker, Vatsala Singh, and I had submitted a talk which, fortunately, got scheduled for the first day of the conference. This allowed me to attend the JSChannel conference the next day! Something I couldn't have missed as Douglas Crockford, possibly the biggest name in JavaScript circles was giving the opening keynote! JSChannel conference was also a 2-day event which I attended only for the first day. I had to skip the second day to attend SapientNitro's 1-day conference. It was important for me to attend that as I was personally invited by someone with whom I've enjoyed working in the past.

Through these conferences, I also got to experience the food and hospitality of three renowned hotels. I was impressed the most by Marriott, followed by Taj Vivanta, and finally Le Méridien.

Not sure when I'll have such a whirlwind conference-attending experience again, but I will look forward to it!

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