I enjoy blogging: writing about my learnings and experiences, and what others may find useful. For many years, I hosted my blog at WikyBlog.

I blogged regularly during the early parts of my career. After a few years, the posts came in less frequently. This was not accidental. I consciously set off on a personal journey which was more inward-looking.

I now feel the need to blog again. But with a coming-of-age outlook. And a fresh look to go with that.

I am hosting this blog on Github Pages, powered by my fork of ruhoh. It gives me a sense of control as I can create my own theme, and even code my own features.

This blog will capture my thoughts on

  • software,
  • teams, and
  • individuals.

Each of these elements are independently worthy of attention. And when these come together, there is great potential to create something worthwhile.

I hope you will find my blog interesting. Keep visiting. I look forward to your thoughts via comments.

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