Aman King

Photo Credit: Akshay Dhavle

My name is Aman King. I am a technologist at ThoughtWorks, working as Lead Consultant.

I have been in the Agile space since 2006. As an Application Developer, I have delivered multiple projects for clients from diverse domains. We work in Agile teams using XP practices, such as TDD and Pair Programming. We are either co-located, distributed, or offshore.

The projects are typically web applications or web services. We often use Java technologies or Ruby on Rails. The applications are hosted traditionally or deployed on the Amazon cloud.

I also work for clients as an Agile Coach. I have coached teams with sizes ranging from 7 to 30.

In addition to playing Tech Lead and Agile Coach, I spend time conducting trainings, speaking at conferences, writing on technical topics, and working on open source software.

My personal interests lie in code design, especially as influenced by OOP, TDD, and Refactoring. I wrote about this topic in a book published by the Pragmatic Programmers, The ThoughtWorks Anthology, Volume 2.

Of late, I also tend to explore the motivations that drive improvement in individuals and teams.

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Email me at my last name @ my full name dot com