I spoke at Agile India 2014 on 26 Feb for the Scaling Agile Adoption theme. I also attended the Beyond Agile theme. As cited here, the conference attracted 1236 attendees from 28 different countries across 200+ different companies. It was among the largest Agile conferences in Asia.

Many people connected with me after my talk: From Practitioner to Coach. I gained context on various organizations and their Agile-related initiatives. Met a good number of first-time coaches as well. If you're interested in the topic, you may find my experience report worth a read. I've also blogged on coaching topics.

The feedback about my talk that I will treasure the most came from Lyssa Adkins, author of Coaching Agile Teams and co-founder of Agile Coaching Institute. This is what she tweeted:

From Practitioner to Coach - tweet from Lyssa Adkins

As an attendee, here are my reactions.

On Scaling Agile Adoption day, I enjoyed Martin Fowler's keynote, especially the part about Agile Fluency. I started to attend Colin's tutorial on Scaled Agile Framework as I've had mixed experiences with it in client organizations. However, since the talk started by spending time on Agile basics, I applied the law of two feet and attended Lyssa and Michael's talk on Windows on Transformation. I identified with the content well, given my consulting/coaching experience, and enjoyed the talk. The day ended with a moving presentation by Rae on Engendering Justice: Women, War and Peace.

On Beyond Agile day, Dave Thomas hit upon the topic of Agility vs Agile in his keynote. Tathagat Varma set the foundation well for his talk on Management 3.0 and Holacracy but I switched in between to attend my ex-colleague Nikhil Joshi's talk on Build-Measure-Learn. Nikhil was able to establish how you can have a Minimal Viable Product without writing even a single line of code! Lyssa and Michael shared a dead-simple competency framework for Agile Coaching, which could be used to great effect. Finally I enjoyed Venkat's no-pretence talk about his startup journey with ApartmentADDA.

Overall, I enjoyed some of the talks and learnt a few things. Also networked with a variety of people. The food was good too. That said, as natural to expect, some speakers could have had better delivery style, more focus on content, and attention toward slide readability. Speakers need to start following simple tips to improve their slides.

All said and done, I am grateful for the speaking opportunity I got. Enabled me to pass on a message that I feel could help others. I definitely look forward to Agile India 2015!

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