Had the opportunity to attend and speak at the first Bangalore-based Ruby conference, Garden City RubyConf 2014. It was reminiscent of the first RubyConf India in 2010, where I also spoke incidentally.

Among the conferences I've attended recently, this was definitely among the better ones. Great job by the organizers to line up some interesting talks, including keynotes.

I got to meet Chad Fowler after many years. In 2007, he was one of my trainers in an Advanced Ruby on Rails workshop I had attended in Dallas, US. In fact, I showed him a copy of My Job Went to India that he'd signed for me back then. Chad's keynote was quite thought-provoking. He challenged many existing notions about developing and deploying software, and encouraged looking at some refreshingly new approaches out there.

Besides Chad, other speakers were good too. I also noticed something curiously common among the speakers: most were ex-ThoughtWorkers. The conference allowed me to catch up with my ex-colleagues, and hear them share experiences on and off stage. In fact, the conference allowed ample time to network with new and old friends. I later learnt the number of breaks and their durations were consciously planned by the organizers to allow networking. Definitely a good move!

I made a lot of new acquaintances. My talk helped, as many reached out to me to share their appreciation, and to learn about my experiences with DSLs. I was pleasantly surprised that some of the attendees remembered my RubyConf India 2010 talk as well!

My talk this time was about implementing simple Ruby DSL techniques to improve productivity in business application development. My slides are embeded below.

All in all, two days very well-spent! I will definitely recommend this conference to all Ruby developers out there!

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