18 July, Taj Vivanta hotel, Bangalore

Douglas Crockford at JSChannel Bangalore 2014

Douglas. Crockford.

Need I say more?

Possibly the most esteemed name in JavaScript, the person who gave us JSON, and all those JS lecture videos, and of course, the book that helped thousands gain a deeper understanding of the JavaScript language.

Douglas Crockford gave the opening keynote. He talked about the good parts of the latest work being done on JavaScript evolution, and some parts that he did not like. He believes JavaScript continues to suffer because it tries to accommodate beginners while reality is that most of its users are not beginners. He also introduced Dec64 as a good option for a number data type. Douglas revisited JSON in the current context of communication protocols. Most useful of all, was his advise to developers using JavaScript, which could be summed up succinctly as "Don't make bugs".

Douglas was followed by Sunil Pai from Myntra. Dressed in casual clothing, with harmless sarcastic wit, and a great sense of humour, Sunil had an effective way of presenting. He came off as relatable, passionate, and as someone who enjoys doing what he does. There is definitely some interesting work going on in Myntra, involving node.js, re-architecting, and building a scalable product.

Fellow ThoughtWorker, Suchit Puri, presented some of his team's learnings involving EmberJS. By the look of it, the framework seems opinionated, inspired from Rails, and solves multiple use cases in the client-side MVC domain.

Out of the two parallel workshop tracks, I attended Kapil Manchanda's HTML5 Game Programming workshop. It was fun seeing a simple but fun game getting built from scratch, using phaser.io. I definitely got some starting insights. Perhaps I'll be able to take time off to build a game of my own.

Day 1 wrapped up with some lightning talks, and networking over tea. Besides a few new acquaintances, I caught up with multiple ThoughtWorkers and ex-ThoughtWorkers, and some people from a previous client-side assignment.

All in all, JSChannel continues to be a good conference, worth attending. I would have loved to attend Day 2 but had to attend a SapientNitro conference.

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