17 July, Le Méridien hotel, Bangalore

A conference presented by Unicom Learning, it was attended by over 350 professionals. Interesting topics were covered by 34 speakers in all. The speakers included my colleague, Anand Bagmar, and myself. Vatsala Singh, my co-speaker and fellow ThoughtWorker, could not make it on that day due to work reasons.

My favourite talks from Day 1 were:

Santhosh's talk was refreshingly different. His take on various aspects, including personal relationships, sources of motivation, morality, ways to learn, were unique to him. The candour and humour in his presentation style was impressive. He had everyone laughing through most of his talk. In Q&A, one person asked how this talk was tied to testing. While not explicit, I think most people had gotten the underlying intent: "Set a thief to catch a thief", ie, to be effective in Security Testing, one needs to learn how to bypass security measures.

Anand's talk was a great introduction to some Agile practices that help teams move towards Continuous Delivery. He extrapolated those in an enterprise context, and shared ideas on how to adapt these practices with scale. While most ThoughtWorkers would identify with the concepts already, as these are ingrained in our daily work, the key message of "A Triangle = A Pentagon" is not something that strikes us naturally, and was definitely novel.

Mayank exposed the audience to a new way of executing testing activity by using crowdsourcing. He covered the benefits of such an approach and how to go about it. While a simplified breakdown helped us understand the model, during Q&A, Mayank touched upon the hidden complexities as well. This is definitely something to keep an eye on, and perhaps leverage under appropriate circumstances.

Aman King at Next Gen Testing 2014

I made many new connections in the conference. The talk I delivered helped the audience relate with a number of Agile Testing Dilemmas that Vatsala and I incorporated into the presentation. People approached me after the talk, and we engaged in interesting conversations related to their current situations. I felt there were many who had embarked on an Agile journey in their organizations but could use further guidance. There are also misinterpretations and misimplementations to be wary of. They could benefit from some sort of Agile Coaching.

I would have loved to attend Day 2 but had to attend the JSChannel JavaScript conference.

Here are the slides that Vatsala and I had prepared for the conference:

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