The Rails Girls Bangalore 2015 edition was held on 31 January 2015. I had the pleasure of participating as a Coach in this workshop event.

Rails Girls

The idea is simple. As a technology community, we believe in encouraging women to join us. Ruby on Rails, a web development framework, makes entry easy for someone new to web technologies. Many of us know web technologies well enough to coach someone new. Why not get together as a community and learn from each other? We could have fun in the process and even launch a few ideas into production!

Rails Girls Bangalore 2015 was held in the premises of ThoughtWorks Bangalore office. To organize the event, a few ThoughtWorkers joined hands with Bangalore Ruby enthusiasts from other companies like Nilenso, C42, and MavenHive. The volunteers rounded up Rails Coaches for the event, spread the word about the event, and took care of logistics. And voila! We ended up having a fun day of learning!

We got about 100 attendees, a mix of students and working professionals. There were about 20 coaches in all.

I coached a small team of three enthusiastic, talented girls. None had worked on Ruby before, and two were completely new to Git. They were recent graduates, and had limited exposure to web application development. And yet, I was pleasantly surprised and completely impressed by how much they learnt in a matter of hours. Once I explained the Git workflow, they could complete the steps on their own immediately after. They picked up MVC pattern and its mapping to Rails quickly, and after I gave them some command-line instructions, they set out to implement an interesting idea: an app to register for Rails Girls events across locations, viewing these registrations, and allowing messaging between attendees to coordinate group travel to the event.

By the evening, my group made decent progress, and could showcase an in-progress working solution to other participants. I was especially touched by the gratitude they expressed towards the coaches.

All in all, the event helped me reach out to and network with people beyond my typical circles. Hopefully contributed to motivating a few people about technology. Made new friends.

An experience I'd love to repeat. Will encourage others to participate as well.

You can learn more here. An attendee also blogged about the event.

Rails Girls Bangalore 2015

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