19 July, Marriott hotel, Bangalore

SapientNitro What's Next is Now 2014

The invitation to SapientNitro's 1-day conference was extended to me by someone with whom I had worked closely on a client-side consulting engagement. It was difficult to refuse, especially since the session topics seemed so interesting.

The speakers were senior SapientNitro technologists who had recently completed a year-long executive development programme. The attendees were mostly architects and senior technologists at SapientNitro.

I must admit that the quality of all the speakers' presentations was top-notch, including both visuals and content. There was also an impressive consistency across everyone's slides that made the sessions through the day seamless.

Some of the topics I enjoyed included:

  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Physical Computing
  • Modern Customer Loyalty
  • Ad Space Evolution
  • Presentation Design

Because of parallel tracks, I had to miss other topics like Big Data, Content Marketing, Social Intelligence, and more.

I enjoyed all the sessions I attended, and had at least one question for every speaker. By the end of the day, everyone knew me as the person with a lot of questions. I was the only one representing ThoughtWorks there. I got to interact with multiple SapientNitro employees, old acquaintances and new, including their leadership team. They left a positive impression on me, and overall, it was a day well-spent. I am glad I attended.

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