Self-discovery is important for an individual to understand oneself better, and to continuously grow or evolve. While useful for one's personal life, it is also applicable to one's professional life.

In coaching, one of the goals is to aid individuals to gain better awareness of their own potential. While one way to address this is to provide continuous feedback, it additionally helps if individuals are enabled to learn more about themselves on their own.

Some tools that I have personally found useful and have recommended to others:

Other activity-based suggestions include:

Whether you take online questionnaires, conduct introspective exercises or retrospectives, or simply reflect on feedback received, it is useful to take some time out to think about yourself and your place in the surrounding context. Having gone through certain experiences and learnings, reflecting on those and imbibing key takeaways will ensure that you grow in the process. Else there is a risk that each incident, whether good or bad, remains just as an incident in your memory, and does not become an opportunity to improve.

Self-discovery in individuals, combined with self-learning, is key to sustenance, especially in Agile Coaching.

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